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5 Films about Muslim Minorities

The Dome

There are around 1.8 billion Muslims on Earth. Demographic research is never an exact science, so depending on which research method is used, there is a range of between 45 and 50 countries with designated Muslim majority status. However, there are Muslim minorities in almost every country in the world and these five documentaries look at some of their stories.

Polish Muslims

Polish Muslims: An Unexpected Meeting

This is a remarkable and compelling documentary that takes you deep into the Muslim community of Poland. At less than 0.1%, the Muslim population is one of the smallest in the world but it contains an incredible diversity. The community represents 30 different countries, composed of immigrants, Poles embracing Islam, and Tatar families who have had a continuous presence in the country since the 14th century.

The thoughts and observations of historians, Muslim organisation leaders, non-Muslim Poles, scholars, and members of the community provide a detailed picture of both the past and present of this community and of Poland itself.

Mosaic New Muslims Of Spain

New Muslims of Spain

This film is a deeply personal account of three diverse people, who were looking for spiritual answers to vital questions and found them in Islam.

Through in-depth interviews they take us through their experiences and the process that led them to look for their own path and discovery of Islam. They share their personal doubts, their family and social struggles and their many reflections on the journey.

Muslims In China

The Hui Muslims of China

This incredible film tells the little known story of China’s largest Muslim minority group, the Hui. Starting with Islam’s introduction to China in the 7th century, Muslims in China: On the Footsteps of the Hui People is a historical and cross-cultural epic of faith, community and survival.

At a time where political oppression of Muslims in China is increasing, this documentary gives a very valuable insight into the situation of the Hui. A recently published, and fascinating, in-depth review of this remarkable film can be read: 14 Centuries of Survival: the Hui Muslims of China

The A-Z Of British Islam

British Muslims

This film follows two Muslim students, Aziza and Zainab as they explore what it means to be a Muslim in Britain and how Muslims feel about living and practising their faith in the UK.

Visiting mosques, community centres, charities and schools, they learn about the history of the Muslim presence in the UK and the first mosques. They also find out about vibrant new fashion for Muslims and the growing confidence of their community in the UK.

Dutch Muslims

Dutch Muslims

Featuring interviews and commentary from eighteen different peopleDe Staat van der Nederlandse Moslim 2020 (The State of the Dutch Muslim 2020) is a poetically moving and deeply insightful film that examines what it means to be Dutch and Muslim at the present time.

Today Muslims constitute about 5% of the Dutch population and their multiple origins are encapsulated by the eighteen contributors to this film. The diversity of this community obviously accentuates their unity as Muslim but what this film most clearly demonstrates, and reinforces, is their shared identity as citizens of Holland.

For an comprehensive account of this film, including an interview with Director, Faisal Mirza please see:

Dutch Muslim Voices: Documentary

Halal Tourism: The Muslim Traveller's Guide to Granada is an immersive and fun way to explore historic and present-day Muslim Granada
Malika-e-Noor is a young Pakistani footballer hailing from the Karakorum mountains on the outskirts of Islamabad. This 2017 documentary highlights the difficulties facing young female footballers in Pakistan and the irrepressible spirit with which they pursue their sport.

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