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About Us

From the Ottoman Empire to Mipsterz in Brooklyn, Persian carpets to the Paris Mosque, Hijazi script to Hijabi bloggers, a video library that celebrates the culture and heritage of the Muslim world.

Borne out of the over-presence of negative ‘tropes’ about Islam and Muslims, Alchemiya has established itself as the ‘home’ of feel-good entertainment for anyone who wants to see beyond the stereotypes.

We love the creativity and expression of culture produced by the Muslim world. Some of the most beautiful art, buildings, poetry, food, ideas in existence are the work of Muslim artists and thinkers. We present these stories and ideas as a source of inspiration to everyone through well produced movies, documentaries and television programmes.

Our Purpose

To transform the way the world sees Islam through inspiring audio-visual content.

We’re on a mission to showcase the very best that has come from global Muslim culture and society. We believe that Movies, Documentaries and TV programmes can help create understanding and insight into the Muslim world and ultimately help create a better world.

We also believe it’s important for young Muslims to feel inspired and see themselves and their religion in a positive light. Streaming technology allows us to bring you the very best content on demand to watch when you want and how you want.

Our Vision

The world’s best content about Islam and Muslims. Streamed.

We scour the planet looking for the very best movies, dramas, documentaries and children’s programmes about Islam and Muslims. Our focus is positivity and creativity. We seek out and work with the most creative talent, both established and emerging from the global Muslim community. Content is selcted on its appeal to a universal audience and we support an open-minded, inclusive attitude, avoiding, political or narrow interpretations.

Alchemiya is for everyone, Muslim or not.

Our Values

Alchemiya operates as a business with a defined set of values. We apply them in every aspect of our work. 

Celebrating the rich past, present and future of Islam – Islam in Colour

Sharing the creative expression of Islam – Islam and Beauty

Changing perceptions through people speaking for themselves – Islam for Real

Offering content of universal appeal – Islam for Anyone

Supporting the creative voice within the community – Islam through Story

Creating personal and social change through content – Islam and Possibility

Why we started Alchemiya

Finding Nenek - The Girl in the Batik Dress

We are in business to change how the world sees Islam and Muslims.

We are committed to supporting Muslim creativity.

Your subscription will help fund Muslim filmmakers.

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