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Halal Tourism: The Muslim Traveller’s Guide to Granada

Halal Tourism: The Muslim Traveller's Guide to Granada is an immersive and fun way to explore historic and present-day Muslim Granada
Malika-e-Noor is a young Pakistani footballer hailing from the Karakorum mountains on the outskirts of Islamabad. This 2017 documentary highlights the difficulties facing young female footballers in Pakistan and the irrepressible spirit with which they pursue their sport.
Muhammad Asad is one of the most important Muslim figures of the twentieth century, described as a mediator between Islam and the West. The confidant of King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, and friend of Muhammad Iqbal, he was a cofounder of Pakistan and produced one of the leading translations and commentaries of the Quran. The documentary A Road to Mecca tells the extraordinary story of his life.
'The Imam' brings the eventful life of the influential Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal to the screen and is set in the streets and palaces of religiously and politically tumultuous 9th century Baghdad. The series was produced by Qatar TV which also co-produced the popular historical drama series Omar about the life of Omar ibn al-Khattab.
Ghulam Raees goes to drink tea every afternoon with his friend Ahmeddeen, who is old and lives alone. Bas Ek Pyali Chai (Just One Cup of Tea) tells the story of the perfect cup of tea.
Muslim Superdad and Wondermom and Divorced Muslim Dad are two podcasts which explore the complexities of raising children from an Islamic perspective in the Modern world.
A Japanese Imam in Tokyo, a Muslim Redneck from Mississippi and an early 20th century British aristocrat are some of the converts featured in our round-up of films about Muslim converts.
Kr1ng is an award-winning and highly entertaining animated short film and cartoon series which explores the world through the eyes of a child with dyslexia. Teacher Suraya helps her dyslexic student Mael navigate academic hurdles as we look at events through his wildly imaginative mind.
The docudrama Al-Ghazali – The Alchemist of Happiness brings the life and times of this pivotal figure from Islamic history to the screen, with a mixture of interviews, modern day explorations of the places he lived and dramatised re-enactments of events from his life.
Writer Awa Farah and filmmaker Alice Aedy talk about the making of Somalinimo in an interview about their film, which explores the experience of being Black, Muslim, Somali women at Cambridge.
The award winning short film 'The Present', set in the West Bank about a father and daughter going shopping, shows the dystopian reality of everyday life for Palestinians under Israeli occupation.
Somuncu Baba - The Secret of Love is a beautiful cinematic depiction of the life of the 14th century Sufi master Hamid-i Veli, known as Somuncu Baba, the Master Baker, highlighting the spiritual value of sincerity, humility and service.
Telling the story of a young boy and his grandfather as they grapple with coercive regulations to modernise and Westernise, Suveydâ is a lyrical and moving film that shows the effect of enforced secularisation policies in Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century.
73 year old Sensei Togieda Flowers runs a karate dojo in Cape Town and is tasked with bringing some discipline into the life of energetic six year old Nawar. Like Water is a short documentary about martial arts as the key to confidence in marginalised communities.
The Sufi poet Yunus Emre sets out as a wandering dervish on a journey to understand the meaning of divine love, meeting pivotal historical spiritual figures on his way.
An action-filled, moving historical feature film, The Last Seljuk Hero vividly portrays the fall of the Seljuk Empire to the Mongols and the resistance of Emir Karatay and the residents of Konya to their rule.
What makes the perfect documentary to watch in Ramadan? Alchemiya has reviewed some of the best spiritually nourishing documentaries for you to watch while fasting or for post-iftar evening viewing.
Camino a la Paz tells the unexpected story of a hot-headed, inconsiderate taxi driver who makes a 3000 mile road trip across Argentina and Bolivia for an elderly Muslim man to make his way to Mecca. On the way is his own spiritual journey finding meaning and faith.

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