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Five Short films about Islamic Art

From Islamic art history and traditional Muslim craft, to contemporary art and photography from Muslim artists, here are five films that present just some of variety in our visual arts of the Muslim world film collection.
Muriid is a moving and poetic tale about a young man committing to a spiritual path. It is a great Muslim antidote to all the new year commercial and social pressures to make grand changes to the way you live.
The best Muslim film, drama, movies and documentaries of 2021. Some Alchemiya team favourites
Two documentaries about the little known story of the Australian Muslim Camel drivers. By Compass and Quran is rich in social, historical and political detail while G’Day Cameleers is a great way to introduce this story to children.
Documentary Dervish: A Spiritual Sojourn takes you on an epic quest through faith, music, architecture and history to rediscover the long lost Sufi Saint who instructed Hazrat Inayat Khan to unite the east and west through Sufism.
Documentary, Made in Palestine, is about Palestinian kuffiyeh factory, Hirbawi Textiles in Hebron, the West Bank. Beautiful and moving, the film is a gentle mirror of Palestine’s struggle for statehood. We talk to filmmaker Mariam Dwedar.
Canadian comedy drama series, Two and a Half Muslims, is a spiritual twist on a comedic classic. Funny and, educational, it makes you laugh, challenges preconceptions, and reminds us all how to be Muslim!
Rumi is one of the Islamic world's greatest poets with a spiritual legacy for Muslims over seven centuries. We look at Rumi’s real biography and history in film and documentary, and take a trip to his shrine in Konya, Turkey.
Bab’Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul is a meditative spiritual journey that feeds the soul. A triumphant illustration of the beauty of Islamic culture and Sufism.
Jordanian film Captain Abu Raed is a brave and beautiful piece of work that won numerous awards on its release in 2007. We take a look at the film and talk to its director.
This acclaimed and controversial Malaysian drama series explores faith, love, self-interest, fame, family and hypocrisy within the Muslim community.
Turkish Director, Bekir Bulbul’s debut feature, My Short Words (Benim Küçük Sözlerim) is a gentle, family film about childhood and friendship. It is also about the fundamental essence of nature and the necessity of slowing down and contemplating its beauty while we can.
Majid, is a tale about a young orphan trying to find memories of his parents in a bustling city in Morocco. Tender and tear-jerking but with a lot of laughs and many thoughtful observations, Majid is great Muslim family entertainment.
Filmmaker Amar Chebib travelled to Damascus and Aleppo in 2010 intending to make a documentary about Syrian sacred music, but six months later the revolution began. Touched by the harrowing experiences of his friends the film was transformed to tell the stories of those musicians as they became refugees.
Omar: The Second Caliph is a unique and much celebrated drama series that tells the story of Islam through the perspective of Omar ibn al-Khattab, the second Rashidun Caliph. Historically accurate and beautifully made, countless Hadith are brought to life as we travel with Omar on one of Islam’s most important spiritual journeys.
Everybody loves a good series but how often can you find dramas and films that are Muslim biopics, historical Islamic records and educationally and spiritually uplifting all at the same time? See our Giants of Islam collection!
Based on William Shakespeare's play, Measure for Measure, Pakistani film Rahm is an award-winning tale of mercy, justice and compassion that amplifies the contemporary importance of a Muslim spiritual and cultural message.
These five unusual and rare gems of global Muslim film making are from Japan, Malaysia, Yemen, Syria and Iran. A great selection of international Muslim films with very different stories to tell.
Islamic exorcism versus western medication? Djinn possession or mental health issues? Senstive documentary, Descending with Angels, explores Islamic and western approaches to treating Danish Muslims who believe they are possessed by djinn, while the fictional Makr looks at the consequences of spiritual fraud.
Tarek Mounib, a Canadian-Egyptian entrepreneur living in Switzerland decided he was going to attempt some cross cultural understanding by reaching out to people who fear him because he is Muslim. He did this by offering Americans an entirely free trip to Egypt and making a film about it.
Pakistan’s ‘Angel of Mercy’, Abdul Sattar Edhi, devoted his life to protecting Pakistan’s poor. The Khayaal Theatre Company’s tribute, Edhi Means Love, is a heartfelt film that conveys the life of this humanitarian hero. Our review includes an interview with the film’s producer Luqman Ali.
If you are looking for good stories for Muslim children, especially the younger ones, take a look at Tales from the Magic Carpet. Told in traditional style, these 17 short films tell captivating stories with morals and meaning from the Muslim world and beyond.
Despite forming 10% of the British Muslim population, Black Muslims feel displaced in both Islamic and black history narratives. For the UK’s Black History Month we look at Black and Muslim in Britain, a highly entertaining documentary that gives agency to Black British Muslims, whilst challenging Islamophobic and racist stereotypes.
There are Muslim minorities in almost every country around the world and these five films and documentaries look at some of their stories.
De Staat van der Nederlandse Moslim 2020 (The State of the Dutch Muslim 2020) is a documentary featuring interviews and commentary from eighteen different people. This poetically moving and deeply insightful film examines what it means to be Dutch and Muslim at the present time.
The Hands of Time is a thought provoking and spiritual documentary as two Muslim clockmakers reflect on the intimate relationship they develop with the clocks they touch and the inner dimensions of the nature of time.
London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and Jameel Gallery hold one of the largest collections of Islamic art in the world. The collection embodies Muslim creative and Islamic art history while the annual Jameel Prize celebrates contemporary Islamic art.

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