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Islamic Art Museums: The Jameel Gallery

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and Jameel Gallery hold one of the largest collections of Islamic art in the world. The collection embodies Muslim creative and Islamic art history while the annual Jameel Prize celebrates contemporary Islamic art.
Mosques: Divine in form, sacred in function, they are among the most beautiful and most enduring achievements of Islamic civilisation. Watch these beautiful films about Islamic Mosques across the world.
The creation of Pakistan on August 14th 1947, is a milestone in modern Muslim history. To celebrate 75 years of national independence, Alchemiya presents Iqbal: Message from the East, a historical journey through the life and legacy of Muhammad Iqbal, the poet and visionary behind the founding of Pakistan.
The Tokyo Olympics is packed with Muslim sports superstars from all across the globe. Here are some favourites plus a round up of Muslim sports trailblazers and champions in film and documentary on Alchemiya.
Dalilah Muhammad is a track and field athlete who specialises in the 400 metres hurdles. She got gold in the 2016 Olympics in Rio and is going for gold in Tokyo. Story of Determination is a short documentary on Alchemiya in which she talks about her life, her career and being Muslim.
There are a lot of documentaries on Alchemiya that look at what it means to be American and Muslim. Some are quirky and light-hearted, some face serious issues head- on and others just celebrate the joy and inspiration of being part of a community.
Cinema has a role to play in centering and celebrating the black Muslim experience. There are not enough films that explore the black American Muslim narrative, Zahra and the Oilman is a rare gem.
In the late 1960’s a steady stream of British hippies encounter Islam on the trail to Morocco. This is the story of the ones that return to England and call people to Islam.
Alchemiya presents a new documentary telling the little known story of China’s largest Muslim minority group, the Hui. Starting with Islam’s introduction to China in the 7th century, Muslims in China: On the Footsteps of the Hui People is a historical and cross-cultural epic of faith, community and survival.
Alchemiya is committed to celebrating the rich culture and heritage of the Muslim world. Educating ourselves and others about the traditions and heritage of the Palestinian people is one of the best ways to honour and support them.
hort film Fruit Chaat is written by Tanzila Khan. She also plays the main role of Shabana, who navigates her life in Pakistan with a disability. Funny and irreverent, her talent and creativity shines through. Like the real Fruit Chaat, you will want a second helping.
Ramadan is a time for both fasting and feasting. We celebrate the flavours of the Muslim world and how they found their way to the USA.
It doesn't matter where you're from, what language you speak, or what denomination/sect you subscribe to, if you're a Muslim you've probably heard a spooky story about djinns, genies and ghostly going ons! Ibraheem Ali reviews Makr, an intriguing story that kept him awake all night.
“Losing a loved one, specially one's parents isn't an anguish you get over with. Somehow a part of your memory, lingers in the moments spent relishing with them. You submerge yourself in a false euphoria, the lament doesn't go and you become used to it. We miss all the great things that will never be.”
The Pakistani film and television industry is producing great titles, thanks to a new generation of independent producers and talent. It’s not all never-ending thunderstorms and evil mothers-in-law.
Inspired by a day in the life of Palestinian painter Ismail Shammout, Ismail tells the compelling story of a young man struggling to support his parents after their expulsion to a Refugee camp in 1948.  Valerie Grove speaks to director Nora Alsharif, whose father, Hatem Alsharif wrote the story. 
From the tradition of Quranic script to poetic verse, Islamic calligraphy is a sacred art form integral to Muslim culture and civilisation. Alchemiya has curated a collection of films that explore its history and variety.
At Alchemiya we sift through endless hours of movies and TV shows before we finalise what we show you. We search across the globe to bring you content that meets a clear criteria - A celebration of Muslim values, culture, heritage and ideas.
Comedian Preacher Moss grew up with jazz, a musical form to which American Muslims have been definitive contributors, and it is John Coltrane’s 1965 devotional masterwork, A Love Supreme that inspired the title of this film. Recorded live in California in 2018, this unique and multi-layered performance is a lot more than a stand-up comedy routine.
The 10 reasons why I started Alchemiya Ten years ago, I had a realisation that many people in the global Muslim community were looking for great TV about Islam and Muslims. There was frustration at how badly Islam was represented in the mainstream media and the overall lack of content that validated their identity as Muslims.

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