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Empowering animations that present a positive Black Muslim narrative

It is a privilege for Alchemiya to be able to host the ground-breaking work of author, director and creative entrepreneur Robyn Abdusamad.
The important story of the thousands of camel drivers from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who with their camels came to build supply lines across the harsh Australian outback. They also built the first mosque in Australia and played a crucial role in developing the infrastructure of the continent. 
Why do so many movies feature the ‘Bad Dad’ trope? From the epic battles of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker to the complexity of Michael Corleone, not wanting to be like his father Don Vito. When it comes to Muslims the narrative shifts to tradition and honour. 
The first ever movie made in the Wolof Language, Mandabi, by Senegalese director Ousmane Sembene is considered a seminal work in the dream of creating a cinema about and for Africans.
Representing normative Muslim culture in the media is the responsibility of the community, not the mainstream media. We have to focus on creativity not protest to create the change.  
From skateboarding in a battered, but hopeful Kabul in 2011, to the rural quiet of Aq Kapruk village in the early 1970s, these documentaries on Alchemiya show two very different times and places in the story and history of Afghanistan.

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