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Short film, Nobody’s Metaphor follows four teenage Muslim girls as they learn to fence and express themselves, challenging discrimination in the process. It is a powerful documentary with much contemporary relevance, especially for our young women.
Nooreh is an award-winning film set in a village on the India-Pakistan border. Told from the perspective of an eight-year-old Muslim girl, it is a subtle and powerful story about the effects of conflict on children.
On A Wing and A Prayer is a heart-warming documentary that follows Monem Salam's attempts to get a US pilot's license. A film about a resilient family as American and suburban as The Simpsons, but Muslim!
A small community of Muslim Tzotzils, an ethnic group descended from the Maya, live in the mountains of San Cristobal in Chiapas State, Mexico. New documentary Somos Musulmanes, tells their story and explores a fundamental period in late 20th century Mexican history.
From Islamic art history and traditional Muslim craft, to contemporary art and photography from Muslim artists, here are five films that present just some of variety in our visual arts of the Muslim world film collection.
Two documentaries about the little known story of the Muslim Camel drivers in Australia. By Compass and Quran is rich in social, historical and political detail while G’Day Cameleers is a great way to introduce this story to children.
This special feature looks at Muslim female filmmakers who are redefining Muslim representation, raising challenging issues and overcoming barriers in the Film and Television industry. We talk to Lena Khan.
Documentary, Made in Palestine, is about Palestinian kuffiyeh factory, Hirbawi Textiles in Hebron, the West Bank. Beautiful and moving, the film is a gentle mirror of Palestine’s struggle for statehood. We talk to filmmaker Mariam Dwedar.
Bab’Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul is a meditative spiritual journey that feeds the soul. A triumphant illustration of the beauty of Islamic culture and Sufism.

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